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Chances of inoculum of pathogens for sugar beet in tare soils after different storages in lysi-meters and stacks – beet cyst nematode, soil-borne fungal root rot pathogens of beets, beet necrotic yellow vein virus

  • Autor/in: Schäufele, W.R., G. Büttner
  • Jahr: 2000
  • Zeitschrift: Proc. 63. IIRB-Winterkongress
  • Verlag: Interlaken
  • Seite/n: 471-476


In a pluriannual study (1993-1998) tare soils of different origins were stored under equal conditions in lysimeters and stacks. The tare soils were sampled repeatedly and the potential of Heterodera schachtii, of soil-borne fungal root rot pathogens of beet, of beet necrotic yellow vein virus and others was determined. While a contamination of Heterodera schachtii could not longer be traced in the soils after an one-year period, the root rot inducing fungi appeared sporadically in a biotest (BW-test) till the end of the ob-servation period. The rhizomania virus was found also in the roots of young bait plants till the end of the trial; but the level of salt concentration in soil water seemed to influence the activity of vector fungus Polymyxa betae.
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