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Proposals for precautionary measures to reduce soil compaction risks due to heavy agricultural machinery

  • Autor/in: Koch, H.-J., N. Stockfisch, B. Märländer
  • Jahr: 2004
  • Zeitschrift: International Sugar Journal 106
  • Seite/n: 548-551
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Agricultural land use has to take care of the subsoil by minimizing the soil compactive risks induced by heavy agricultural machines including sugar beet harvesters. For this purpose, the Institute of Sugar Beet Research, soil scientists, agricultural engineers, the German sugar industry and the beet grower associations agreed on proposals concerning the following aspects: Considering soil protection when designing agricultural machinery; Taking care of the soil when managing crops; and, Considering soil protection for purchase and operation of machinery. Aims and measures that are within the scope of these aspects are worked out in more detail. These measures, especially when jointly promoted by scientists, sugar companies and beet growing farmers, contribute to meet the demands of soil protection in agricultural land use.
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