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Changes in the quality of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L) during long-term storage under controlled conditions

  • Autor/in: Kenter, C., C.M. Hoffmann
  • Jahr: 2009
  • Zeitschrift: International Journal of Food Science and Technology 44
  • Seite/n: 910-917
  • Stichworte: Lagerung, Sorte, Invertzucker, Zuckerverluste, Qualitätsbewertung


Long-term storage of sugar beet is an option to extend the processing campaign of the sugar factories in Europe. In the present study, changes in the processing quality of sugar beet were quantified during 110 days of storage at 7 and 20 _C. During storage, the concentration of sucrose decreased whereas K, Na, amino N, betaine, invert sugar and raffinose accumulated in the beets, i.e. quality was impaired markedly. At 7 _C, the changes in sucrose concentration were relatively small but the formation of invert sugar and raffinose caused considerable losses in beet quality. Thus, long-term storage at low temperature is appropriate to prolong the campaign but processing costs will increase. Quality assessment with two formulae showed that measurements of K, Na and amino N are insufficient to evaluate stored sugar beets for recoverable sugar. Due to its increase in storage, the concentration of invert sugar should also be taken into account.
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