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Infrared Thermography as a Non-Invasive Tool to Explore Differences in the Musculoskeletal System of Children with Hemophilia Compared to an Age-Matched Healthy Group

  • Autor/in: Seuser, S.; K. Kurnik; A.-K. Mahlein
  • Jahr: 2018
  • Zeitschrift: Sensors
  • Seite/n: doi:10.3390/s18020518
  • Stichworte: hemophilia; infrared thermography; non-invasive; silent bleeds; hot-spot


Recurrent joint bleeds and silent bleeds are the most common clinical feature in patients with hemophilia. Every bleed causes an immediate inflammatory response and is the leading cause of chronic crippling arthropathy. With the help of infrared thermography we wanted to detect early differences between a group of clinical non-symptomatic children with hemophilia (CWH) with no history of clinically detected joint bleeds and a healthy age-matched group of children. This could help to discover early inflammation and help implement early treatment and preventative strategies. It could be demonstrated that infrared thermography is sensitive enough to detect more signs of early inflammatory response in the CWH than in healthy children. It seems to detect more side differences in temperature than clinical examination of silent symptoms detects tender points. Silent symptoms/tender points seem to be combined with early local inflammation. Using such a non-invasive and sensor-based early detection, prevention of overloading and bleeding might be achieved.
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