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Method development for the determination of textural properties of sugar beet roots

  • Autor/in: Kleuker, G.; Hoffmann, C.
  • Jahr: 2019
  • Zeitschrift: Sugar Industry 144 (7)
  • Seite/n: 392-400
  • Stichworte: sugar beet root, texture, puncture, compression, bending, flexural, method description, sample preparation, sample size, sample position, texture analyzer


The harvest of sugar beet leads to root tip breakage and surface damage through mechanical impacts, which increase storage losses. For the determination of textural properties of sugar beet roots with a texture analyzer a reliable method description is missing. This study aimed to evaluate the impact of washing, soil tare, storage period from wash-ing until measurement, sample distribution and number of roots on puncture and compression measurements. For this purpose, in 2017 comprehensive tests were conducted with sugar beet roots grown in a greenhouse. In a second step these tests were carried out with different Beta vari-eties from a field trial, and in addition, a flexural test was included. Results show that the storage period after washing and the sample distribution had an influence on the punc-ture and compression strength. It is suggested to wash the roots by hand before the measurement and to determine the strength no later than 48 h after washing. For reliable and comparable results a radial distribution of measure-ment points around the widest circumference of the root is recommended for the puncture test. The sample position of the compression test had an influence on the compressive strength and therefore, needs to be clearly defined. For the puncture and the compression test it was possible to achieve stable results with a small sample size, but with increasing heterogeneity of the plant stand a higher number of roots is required. The flexural test showed a high variability and is, therefore, not recommended for the analysis of sugar beet textural properties.
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