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Recommendations for beet storage trials under controlled conditions

  • Autor/in: Legrand, G., Blocaille,S., Eigner, H., Ekelöf, J., Hoffmann, C., Leijdekkers, M., Striebig, J.-L.
  • Jahr: 2016
  • Zeitschrift: IIRB Proceeding
  • Stichworte: Lagerung, Methode, Invertzucker,


At the last meeting of the IIRB Working Group "Beet Quality and Storage" (Tulln, April 2015), a proposal of recommendations for conducting beet storage trials under controlled conditions (not set in clamp) was prepared. These recommendations are related to the origin of the samples, type and quality of their harvest, storage parameters, measurements and analysis carried out on the samples before and after storage, and the evaluation of the storage losses. These recommendations are intended to standardize the methodology for storage trials in order to properly interpret the results and findings of such trials.
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